Dreamfuel: please back this community project!

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world. -Harriett Tubman.

Are you a dreamer?

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”. - John Lennon.

We have the passion and power to change things and we all have a shared dream...

While we work on the forums today...welcome to Dreamfuel.

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Projects Ends:

We have big dreams for the community and the site and that is what this is all about. Unfortunately, ConceptArt.Org cannot do it alone. Jason Manley, the site's founder has funded the community for many of its years including the past ten months. It is a lot to ask of any one person for so long but he has done so. In that time, the site has been hacked, and suffered downtime, all the while Team Dreamfuel has been working on the beautiful things the creative community can use to step forward into a better creative life.

ConceptART.Org has done a world of good for a lot of artists for a long time and continues to do so, with the aid drives, learning opportunities and resources. We have helped give scholarships to numerous artists around the world and brought employment, career, and educational opportunities...not to mention all the countless great friendships. Will you please help us all reach our goals and dreams?

With that we are honored to share where we are headed...and it starts with a question.

How do you seize your true creative freedom and independence?


Do you love great art and the things creators make from their hearts and vision?

"Never in history could artists create from the heart and have the world see it within seconds... better yet, own a version. Groupfunding is working. Artists can stay independent, own their IP, and make great work fans want. I am against salary jobs. They are dead ends that leave you burned out and without work you own. I support creative freedom and so do our fans." -Robert Atkins - Independent Games Veteran and developer of Cthulu Wars

"It is important for all artists and creators to make their own content, like storybooks, e-books, prints, and anything else they can do to build their personal vision and independence--Vehicles like this, which enable artists to promote and get their work out there and find success are key" -Raphael Lacoste - Brand Art Director and Artist: Assassins Creed - Ubisoft

We designed the necessary tools and have been building the right business relationships around everything that most successful artists and creators do to make a living--all the things necessary to own creative success and independence. Dreamfuel encompasses everything needed to begin owning your work, controlling your rights, and seizing your creative freedom.

Dreamfuel is a hub for artists, designers, entertainment start-ups, indie teams, collectors and fans alike. It is where your generous backers will support your imagination. It’s your theatre for fans to meet, share and enjoy your creativity and collect the work you own in order to succeed on your own.


Dreamfuel is about your vision and hopes for a successful future, your ability to make the things you wish to make, how you wish to make them and how you want to share them. Find success, whether you are part of a company, or all by yourself. Dreamfuel was created to provide the basis for anyone with talent to release their artistic potential.

Dreamfuel also provides you with your very own crowdfunding tools (no more paying Kickstarter or Indiegogo their 3-9 percent), keep your dough. It goes straight to you. No middlemen. It’s for your dreams, not the bottom line of a venture capital funded corporation. No more waiting around for approvals from "the man" that may never come too. No more waiting for the funds either. Dreamfuel is yours to control.

To kick this off, we have a TON of awesome LOOT for you from supporting industry stars around the world. Check it all out if you like and pick your favorite. The choice is yours. Together we can support our goals, reach the most fans, share the knowledge and see greater success. Dreamfuel is designed as the hub for creators, fans, backers and dreamers. With your backing and much needed help sharing Dreamfuel, we can all get it done. We can all reach our dreams.


With strength in numbers, Dreamfuel is negotiating the most fair publishing and distribution relationships possible for all.

If a collector wants prints, creators don't have to spend a penny, a euro or an RMB. Digital Custom will print all your work "on demand", charge a wholesale price, and directly send you a check for the rest. Your money is yours, without making any more investment than uploading your work to your Dreamfuel. What about your books done a rate that the 400,000 artists and millions of visitors here can command, rather than picking scraps of a tiny royalty you can get from the publishers.

If you have ever sold product on websites that allow creative publishing you know what we are talking about. If not, the fact is this, the creative community gets short-changed and over-charged (Cafe Press, Zazzle are but two examples of this).


The Dreamfuel concept brings international publishing capabilities for the works you create (both digital and traditional), and crowdfunding tools for the ideas you wish to build. It is designed to encompass all of the possible paths that creators need to find their independence, see passive revenue (making money while you do other things), and follow dreams.

Dreamfuel is a viral art, image, and video viewer, as well as a media and promotion control panel. You will be able to access your facebook wall and feeds, view and post tweets, view and broadcast to many social networks simultaneously. It enables you to stay in touch with your friends, and share your creations with the world. It's viral tools even enable your friends, and fans to help you rally votes, gain traffic and build followers too.


For collectors it is a place to get great content, pick up the latest digital downloads and hard goods offered by creators and artists in the community. It enables us fans to support our art heroes and gives a unique way to connect and share the work we love.

Dreamfuel also opens up the millions of images inside the history of ConceptArt.org so that you can infinite scroll, comment, and critique until your heart is content. No matter where you come from, or whether you are a creator or a collector, a fan, backer, a teacher or a builder, Dreamfuel is for you.

We met with over 100 industry leaders to discuss the challenges artists face right now hear answers, and share the solutions Dreamfuel is designed to help. Many points were raised which we believe must be solved to achieve creative freedom. Those solutions are Dreamfuel. So what’s the problem?

Being a great artist, or successful creator, means dedicating a lot of time in creation mode. Countless hours are spent making, designing, building, and producing from the visions any artist has. Creative and artistic skills are only part of the puzzle. There is marketing, promotion, media, publishing, global distribution, networking, business development, negotiation -- How is anyone supposed to do it all and have time to act on inspiration and create dream projects?

When the industry has the leverage over the creators, and there is no one place that it can all be done, it can seem like too much. How can it even be possible? With Dreamfuel, it's easy.

"Creative people have two options when it comes to IP ownership - pray or go indie/crowdfunding." -Warren Specter – video games industry leader and renown game designer

"After years of learning, working for others, failure, overcoming challenges, and struggling daily with being able to give my time to what I wanted to create, I discovered something important. I found that the only studio worth investing my time is was the studio of me. The only art director worth listening to was the one in my heart. The same lesson applies to each of us, or our companies, and without it we are servants, addicted to the paychecks from often thankless long hour jobs, that keep us from building our dreams while we grind away for the benefit of those who own the work we make." -Android Jones - Visionary Fine Artist and co-founder of ConceptArt.Org


We are asking for your help, to see Dreamfuel take the steps toward completion. The creative community needs your help to see all our independent goals become a reality. Please support Dreamfuel and choose from your favorite loot too. We are here to help, and thanks to all the brilliant professionals involved, and to all of you, we will see this done!

Thank you to all of our early backers. You are wonderful people.

A big thanks to the pros and studios who are supporting Dreamfuel and helping to make this possible.

Carlos Huante-Visionary behind Prometheus and the Men in Black visual design.
Todd Lockwood - Master Fantasy Artist
Android Jones- The one and only.
Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera of Imaginism Studios
Randis Albion- Game Art Director and Developer
Spidermonk Studios- Independent Video Game Studio
Robert Atkins, Green Eye Games -Cthulu Wars
Steambot Studios- You know them well.
Alex Ruiz- Concept Artist, entrepreneur, educator
Jason Manley creator of CA, MB, and TAD
Alessandro Baldasseroni - renown 3D Character Artist - Blur Studios
Sean Kauppinen- Leading Games industry PR guru
Paul Gaboury - Evangelist/3D artist - ZBrush/Pixologic
Raphael Lacoste - visionary Art Director behind Assassins Creed
Velocity Kendall - Designer
Steven Stahlberg - world famous character artist and 3D illustrator.
James Kei, formerly of Valve Software, Massive Black and The Concept Art Atelier
Marco Nelor- 2d Concept Artist, Fine Artist and Illustrator
Scott Robertson - Vehicle Designer and leading educator in entertainment
Design Studio Press - Book publishing.
David Pursely- Veteran concept art and 3D guru INxile Entertainment,
Justin Lassin-Composer and mix master (Nine Inch Nails), film and games.

On top of it all, ALL backers are eligible to participate in the independent studio internship application process where two lucky winners may be selected for paid internships, including the backers of this reward. Internship winners will learn first hand from two of the most independent minded studios, one in Board Games &Green Eye Games - Cthulu Wars) and the other in Video Games (Spidermonk Entertainment). We will announce the portfolio review forum and you can upload your work on July 15th. Sometimes becoming independent means working with those who already are, and that can be invaluable. Sometimes having steady income can lead to you following your dreams too. There is nothing wrong with having a job, just keep your eye on the road and follow your heart. You will get there.