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  • Level: Sharing this dream is one of the most important things we can all do right now. Best part is, it also is a way to get free Dreamfuel loot! For every share you make, to your fb, twitter, blog, or elsewhere, take a quick screenshot of the post and post it here: goo.gl/tqnxS and you will get a $20 session admission pass to the Dream Summit broadcast on livestream.com this July 22-26 Join us for up to five enlightening 90 minute sessions from industry stars on the topics of art and IP development, crowdfunding, idea development, artist promotion, and creative entrepreneurship. (1 per share-5 Max.). Thank you for sharing this dream. Sharing is the only way to access the summit! Please do not click \"count me in\". That is not necessary for this level.
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Donating for Dreamfuel

In the past, sponsors have aided our brilliant and creative community and proceeds from the sale of products help fund our growth. For the past ten months the entire community and the development of the new sites have been personally funded by one person, the site's founder Jason Manley. However, for Dreamfuel, we are coming to you for a different kind of support.

We do need to let you know that building and running an online community and the necessary tools and relationships artists need is not like making cookies or widgets! Roadblocks, tornadoes, hurricanes, evil hackers, or other unforeseen disasters can happen that can affect our ability to ship Dreamfuel on time, make the site and feature set as large as we wish, or even prevent us completely from bringing it to market. Now of course that sounds dire (and is extremely unlikely!), but we want to make sure you understand that your donation is actually a pledge to Project Dreamfuel; your donation isn't like buying something from Dick Blick. Of course we will be delivering the exciting rewards we have coming from the pros supporting this effort, like sending prints or the online presentations, consulting time, internships or the like.

If that makes you uncomfortable, we totally understand. Assuming everything goes as planned, dreamfuel will be available this winter for you all. As the industry shifts we may need to do so as well and that may mean adding new components or adjusting what the tools do. But by donating, you're taking part in an exciting new way for the community support itself and grow in ways that best help everyone. One of the best benefits is you'll have special access to talk meet with professionals and connect to us along the way, and to get content the public won't necessarily get to know, until much later. We hope to make enjoyable, beautiful, and fun throughout the development of the Dreamfuel. We wish to change lives for the better and see creative works make it all the way out into the world, and your donation helps support us in that effort.

We're here to answer any questions you might have. E-mail us at dreamfuel@conceptart.org, or by phone at +1(512) 800-2258.

Best Regards,

The Dreamfuel Team